Sheri Benayon | CPT, CSI, CPR


She has been working in the fitness industry for the last 19years. She has helped hundreds of men and women achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Sheri started off as a participant in classes at the age of 14yrs, where she realized early on her commitment to fitness. That’s when it all started! At the age of 16yrs she began her professional journey in fitness by becoming an aerobics instructor. Sheri loved exercising and how it made her feel from the inside out. As a young girl, she had always struggled with weight. With a healthy commitment to exercise and diet, Sheri lost 60lbs. After the birth of her son Zachary, she decided to enter a fitness competition called FAME. She entered as a Fitness Model and after 16 weeks of intense training and diet adherence she placed 2nd. This inspiring and fulfilling experience, if you put your mind to something, set goals and most importantly never give up you can accomplish anything! Sheri truly loves what she does and feels blessed that she has been able to educate herself and share her own personal experience with her clients helping them to be the best that they can be. She looks forward continuing her health and fitness path to educate herself and others.